David Brave Collections


Migration was a group exhibition of various media, held in 2015 as a fund-raiser. 100 works by father, grandfather and grandson, was made available for sale, in order to support travel expenses for a gap year abroad. The exhibition was themed 'Migration' since Daniel was travelling to the Netherlands where the Venter forefathers came from.

Hidden Horizons

These South African landscape scenes of obscure places were specifically chosen as homage to the nobodys and the nowheres, the shepherd boys and girls with hidden potential. When no person is there to observe that particular view, it still exists without hesitation, in all its fullness. Painting on board, references panel painting - from the Rennaissance era, a more stately approach even into the 18th century.

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12 illustrative mixed media portraiture works on recycled paper maps, was created to emphasize the silent cry for help from individuals who face the harsh consequences of human trafficking today. It formed part of the Freedom in Art initiative in support of Anti Human Trafficking Awareness.

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Hailed as the worst year in human history, a set of 20 abstract landscapes, portray positive and colourful scenes captured during the year. In the midst of lock-down all we could do was to "look up!". Painted with acrylics on board, these works in various sizes, are named for character growth opportunities the artist embraced during a year of introspection.

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Individual Works & Commissions

David Brave accepts selected commissions, and produces individual works year-round. To follow in this section: various works from private collections.